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Your Dance Backgound
Match the Backdrop to the Theme of Your Dance
To make your Prom, Senior Ball or Sadie Hawkins Dance truly memorable, the background that the photographer uses should fit the theme of the dance. To achieve this goal the artists at Flashbacks have created hand painted backdrops that can be adapted to many different dance themes. By starting with the backdrop and adding a few simple props you can create a set that is totally unique.

The students from this school selected "Big City Nights" for their theme and they really wanted each couple to stand in front of aSan Francisco skyline. Two sets were needed for the dance and since it was not possible to shoot outdoors, our art department simply painted two San Francisco backdrops. A fence with white roses were added and the sets were complete.

In many high schools Winter Balls are becoming even more popular than Proms because they involve the entire school rather than just the juniors and the seniors. Since bigger dances require multiple sets it becomes more and more difficult to create theme sets with props alone. Our selection of winter drops makes it possible to produce multiple sets very conveniently. The backdrop sets the scene and a few simple props add the accents to make each set unique. 

The other category of "picture dances" that most high schools host is the turnabout. These take the form of Sadie Hawkins, Morps (prom spelled backwards), Twirps (the woman is required to pay), etc. In many cases the couples at these dances dress alike, making dances perfect candidates for theme backgrounds.

If you want to add the right feeling to the night of your dance, start with a backdrop that captures your unique theme. Once the backdrop is hung and props added, your dance portraits will reflect the mood of the evening.

Background Samples

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